19 Amazing Applications for Magic Cell Signaling Gel


Most people don’t realise it, but there are a myriad of useful applications for cell signaling gel. Because the gel works at a cellular level on just about any issue it comes into contact with, this topical solution can serve as an anti-ageing cream, a pain reliever, a nappy rash cream, a first-aid solution, and heaps more… all in one!

Once you realise how many unique applications cell signaling gel has, you’ll never want to live without it!

Here are 19 amazing and utterly helpful ways you can utilise your cell signaling gel.

1. Supercharge Your Beauty and Anti-Ageing Routine

This is one of our most popular applications for cell signaling gel – it’s hard to believe how well it actually works until you try it for yourself!

Simply apply the gel to your face and neck twice per day and watch as wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing melt away, your pore size shrinks, freckles visibly lighten, and breakouts or scarring begin to dissipate.

2. Calm Skin Conditions of All Kinds

Moles, warts, lesions, skin tags, rough skin and calluses, acne, ashes, bumps, bruises, pigmentation issues, blisters, and skin conditions of all kinds… if it’s made of cells, cell signaling gel can help!

Even autoimmune and inflammatory skin conditions often greatly improve with the use of cell signaling gel – and it’s also a good idea to rub some on the tummy for these types of conditions to allow the gel to soak into your gut!

Simply rub cell signaling gel onto your skin and tummy liberally at least twice per day. For some people, the condition may appear to get worse before it gets better for a few days or weeks… this is normal! Your body is simply clearing itself of toxins and inflammation. Be patient and allow the cell signaling molecules to work their magic!

3. Ease Discomfort

Did you know that 90{323c7a84c9e10487e11e5370f247048fcc5e53608e3b863dd33ff5704305d4b3} of people experience a reduction in discomfort after applying cell signaling gel 3 times over a 5-minute period? Try it for yourself and see!

Rub a raspberry-sized amount gel anywhere you’re experiencing discomfort. You can alleviate headaches by applying it on your forehead, temples, and the front and back of your neck – or apply it to aching joints and feet. You can even use it on your neck and throat area to help relieve sore throats!

4. Upgrade Your First Aid Toolkit

Today’s a great day to upgrade your first aid toolkit! Simply apply the gel liberally to any injury 3 times in the first 5 minutes and as needed thereon.

Sprains, strains, burns, cuts, abrasions, bruises, wound care, or insect bites and stings – you name it, cell signaling gel can help it heal dramatically more quickly.

5. Speed Up Post-Surgery Healing

Cell signaling gel increases your skin’s blood flow, accelerating the body’s natural ability to repair and recover! Apply it hourly in the first days/week after surgery and speed your recovery time many times over.

I may have got validation you were looking for from surgeon this morning. He said healing looks more like six months rather than six weeks. He expected healing to have just started but it’s almost fully healed. – Chris

6. Reduce the Appearance of Scars

One of the amazing documented benefits of cell signaling gel is that its cellular technology can actually help scars fade – old or new, inside or out.

Apply the gel liberally to the scar area several times per day for rapid scar fading. If you have scars inside the body that you can’t see, rub it on the outer skin and the cell signaling molecules will naturally soak deep into your body.

I must say my life is forever changed since starting using the cell signaling gel. I used the gel on my stomach where I had extreme irritation/ redness and it would weep over a 25-30 year period. It was uncomfortable and at times painful, I only used the gel morning and night! As you can see by the photos on how it has improved, and made such change for me, I no longer have to put dressings on every day to keep the area dry! Gail

7. Calm Children’s Issues

Basic rule of thumb: If your kid’s crying, try putting some Cell signaling gel on him or her. Seriously.

Cell signaling gel can quickly help relieve anything from growing pains to upset tummies to bites, stings, bumps, lumps, bruises, scrapes and burns – and everything in between! You can apply it behind and around the ear for ear discomfort, use it on the tummy to assist with sleep, or even use it as a hand sanitiser when you’re out and about. Now that’s what we call a multi-tasking topical!

Every six months we have to have blood tests to make sure nothing is going too wrong with my daughter who has a digestive auto- immune issue. Six months ago she was still very sick on the verge
 of insulin resistance and was either too low or way too high in everything on blood test. Her body was completely out of whack.

This week my child got a near perfect blood test. Everything has leveled out – adrenals are now functioning fine, calcium, iron, thyroid markers – everything is within normal range. We started the cell signaling gel only 2 months before blood test. We walked out of that doctor’s office with nothing to do but continue to get better and better. For those asking, we were rubbing the gel on tummy, face and neck twice a day. Tammy

8. Relieve Toothaches and Dental Challenges

Cell signaling gel can work wonders for toothaches when used on the cheeks – and you can also use it post dental surgery or procedures to reduce swelling, inflammation and discomfort.

When patients have surgery where I would expect swelling and inflammation, 100{323c7a84c9e10487e11e5370f247048fcc5e53608e3b863dd33ff5704305d4b3} of patients using the cell signaling gel report reduction of the swelling faster than without cell signaling gel. The cell signaling diminishes a lot the discomfort, which makes the patient happy. – Dr L. K. Holistic Dentist

9. Support Weight Loss and Reduce Cellulite

If you’d like to support the body to release stored toxins and fat cells, tighten loose skin during and after weight loss, and reduce cellulite and the size of fat lobules beneath the skin, then cell signaling gel can help.

Apply the gel twice per day to the affected areas and allow the magic of cell signaling to support you on your weight loss journey!

10. Soothe Sunburns and Chapped Lips

Cell signaling gel is NOT a sun protectant, so be sure to continue using your favorite natural sunscreen when outdoors! The gel is, however, an excellent solution for sunburns, windburn, and chapped lips, and it can even be applied prior to sun exposure (before you use sunscreen!) to help rejuvenate the skin and work in tandem with sun protectants.

If you’ve had too much sun exposure, simply apply the gel liberally every 40 minutes and continue to apply it 2-3 times per day until the skin has healed. You’ll find that sunburns will quickly diminish in intensity and heal many times more quickly than normal.

11. Boost Sports Performance and Recovery

If you’re an athlete or exercise regularly, cell signaling gel can work to not only speed your recovery time and soothe sore muscles, but it can actually help boost your performance! Rub it liberally onto your muscles immediately after a workout up to 2-3 times in an hour and feel the difference – and apply it just before a workout, competition or training for an extra stamina boost!

I tried every kind of therapy to get rid of major discomfort from a gym injury. I couldn’t brush my hair or raise my arms above my shoulders. After using the gel for 6 weeks twice a day I didn’t have that issue any longer.

Then I saw the athletic advantage. If I had this back when I was competing in the 80s and early 90s I wouldn’t have cried myself to sleep so many times at night because I was in so much agony. I was training every day and I was sore every day. This is a game changer for athletes. – Julie McDonald OAM, Olympic & Commonwealth Medalist

12. Ease Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Issues

Prevent stretch marks on the belly, breasts, hips and buttocks… treat and prevent hemorrhoids… reduce fluid retention and swelling (aka “cankles”)… reduce the risk of tearing during birth and improve skin elasticity for an easier birth experience… ease cracked nipples and sore breasts due to breastfeeding… all this and more is possible with cell signaling gel! Simply massage into the affected areas at least twice a day to experience relief.

9 months pregnant and not a single stretch mark! I have used a LOT during pregnancy and it’s been really helpful. Now using 
it on a teething baby to relieve discomfort and to soothe a red bottom. – Nicole

13. Practice Extraordinary Personal Care

Wow – cell signaling gel has so many applications for personal care that there are almost too many to list: You can use it to improve nail strength, soften dry or cracked heels, promote thickening of the hair/reverse hair loss, soothe a dry or itchy scalp, soothe skin after shaving or waxing… it can even be used as an underarm deodorant and a hand sanitiser while on the go!

14. Reverse Ageing Issues

Cell signaling gel works wonders for all kinds of symptoms that can appear with ageing. It helps prevent and reverse hair loss when applied to the scalp regularly, fades age spots and pigmentation issues, tightens loose skin (including the dreaded “bat wings/tuckshop arms”!), soothes aching joints and muscles, helps with watery eyes, relieves hemorrhoids, and prevents brittle nails.

For 50 years I suffered the pain and embarrassment of hemorrhoids, I tried everything the doctor and pharmacy recommended, including two surgeries and all the creams. Later
in life I realised the power of natural medicine and clean living -
my health greatly improved but even after trying all the natural approaches no improvement down below. Two months of using the cell signaling gel, twice a day and the challenge was gone. – Anonymous (for obvious reasons)

15. Support Your Lymphatic and Detox Processes

Cell signaling gel can serve as a wonderful way to support and boost the body’s natural lymphatic and detox processes.

Rub the gel once or twice daily over the thyroid, under your jaw line, the back of your neck, in your armpits, the inside of your elbows and wrists, just under where the ribs meet, the lower abdomen inside of hip bones, inside the upper leg groin region, and behind the knees and ankles for an amazing support to your overall health and well-being.

16. Boost Your Hormonal Well-Being and Regulate Blood Sugar

If you could use some additional hormonal support for anything from thyroid issues to men’s and women’s issues to blood sugar regulation, cell signaling gel can make a considerable impact. Rub the gel twice daily over the thyroid, over hormonal areas (e.g., ovaries or testes), or over the pancreas for blood sugar regulation.

My dad has been using the gel on his feet, throat and face for
 8 weeks now. He has just been to the doctors to get his blood test results and his blood sugar levels and cholesterol have gone down considerably. My father’s sugar levels have never been so low. – Caroline

17. Improve Eyesight

Believe it or not, cell signaling gel can even help improve eyesight!  Simply apply the gel to the area around the eyes and on eyelids twice daily. You can apply a thicker layer on the eyelids just before sleep at night and the molecules will absorb through the skin. Please note that the gel is not designed to put in the eyes.

Eyesight improvements through using cell signaling products, after years and years of experiencing a decline. Incredible! Cherie

18. Soothe Your Baby’s Skin and Tummy

Got a baby with a nappy rash, teething discomfort, tummy aches/wind, skin rashes or irritations, ear discomfort, sniffles, bumps, bruises, burns or scratches? Use cell signaling gel to help alleviate all this and more.

We tried lots of other creams with her but I gave up because nothing worked. We even tried the doctors “strongest” creams that they warned us were so strong that it could only be used for a couple of days and then would need a break. The cell signaling gel got results in just one week! – Dana

19. Assist Your Animal, Too!

Animals have cells too (duh!), which means you can use the gel on animals in exactly the same way you do for humans! Apply it regularly for suspicious bumps and sores or injuries of all kinds. If dealing with an animal with thick fur you can apply the gel to the tummy area where there is less fur, or you can even shave the affected area and apply the gel directly.

One week of cell signaling gel and you can see what a huge impact it has had for Ralphie. He is not in pain he is not tender. I can massage the gel in and he doesn’t flinch. He hears me shake the tube before applying and rolls over onto his back for a tummy tickle!!! Amazing! Jane

Ready to Experience the Many Benefits of Cell Signaling Gel?

If you haven’t yet experienced the power of cell signaling gel, I encourage you to try it out for 28 days and experience its many amazing effects for yourself!

Reach out to me today to place an order or to ask any questions you may have – I’d love to provide you with additional testimonials as well as a product usage guide.

Here’s to living our best, brightest, and healthiest lives through the power of cell signaling technologies!